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Back to School

Today was my first day back to school. The alarm was mis-set and I woke up with 10 minutes to get out the door.  It was kinda like all those bad dreams I’ve been having about being unprepared for school, but, you know, real.  Things weren’t all that bad though.  I think the semester is going to be very interesting. I’m taking Family Law, Immigration Law, and International Human Rights Law.  Other than that, I am an associate editor (read: underling) of the public interest law journal this year and will continue working at the refugee resettlement organization in New Haven I was at this summer.

Some things to think about:

What role does/should the government take regarding family?  What institutions does the government have an interest in promoting and, in practice, does that promotion help or hurt?  In what ways would promoting ‘healthy families’ help communities like Englewood, a troubled neighborhood on the south side of Chicago where my mom works, and how would it help an affluent community like Yale-New Haven?  I think the answers are more complex than I have had time to think about just yet.

How do we perceive of citizenship? In what ways does categorizing people as “in” or “out” affect other ways in which we see and treat them as a nation and also as individuals?  What does citizenship get a person that just being a human does not? Are we ok with that discrepancy?  I thought a lot about Paul asserting his Roman citizenship in class today and how much that affected how he was treated. Of course you can’t help but be glad that Paul was a citizen, but you also can’t help but be horrified by what must have been the reality of so many of the people who were not.

I will have lots to think about this semester.

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